Understanding upcoming Facebook changes to Groups and Communities 

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What's it all about?
In late January, Facebook announced they're going to phase out the Facebook Groups API. What does that mean? It's going to affect things like permissions for third-party apps; which let people schedule posts, access member data, and do all sorts of things with Facebook Groups. This announcement caught everyone off-guard, particularly the Direct Selling Industry, with many distributors relying on Facebook Groups for hosting virtual parties. So what do you need to know and what's next? We'll cover:

Automation and Virtual Parties

Virtual parties offer convenience and accessibility. Many now run Virtual Parties with a pattern of automation, hosting multiple parties with identical posts and content for ease and efficiency. But what has this done to the authenticity and effectiveness of these events? 

Why is Facebook Doing This?

Facebook has had enough! The decision to remove third-party access to Facebook Groups is likely aimed at improving user experience by addressing issues related to spam, misinformation, and privacy. Let's dive into 5 positive reasons why AND how it can benefit the industry. Plus explore the 'Empty Houses' debacle. 

The Five-Step Strategy for Virtual Party Success

We developed a 5-step strategy training to help distributors optimize Virtual Party success. No matter how people attempted to modify post parties, messenger parties, pre-recorded video parties, or Facebook Lives, they didn't match up to the effectiveness of the live Zoom format. Find out 5 more handy insights...

Where Have Virtual Parties Gone?

Each platform offers unique features that cater to different aspects of virtual gatherings, making each experience distinctive. Learn the advantages, disadvantages and purpose of each. Choosing the right platform depends on your objectives, audience preferences, and the type of experience you wish to create.

Is the In-Home Party Dead?

Post pandemic, many people are asking 'should we bring the party back into the home?' Should we or should we not move back into the home and/or away from the virtual space (could we have both?!)? Are consumers still interested, what gets better results, and is most efficient and effective for running your Business? 

The Virtual Party Social Experiment

We've been on a mission to uncover the most successful Virtual Partying strategies being used by people. Find out what we found to be the most consistently successful and implementable strategies for every age group, business, and product type.

The Need to Humanize Experiences

To revitalize the virtual party experience, Direct Sellers must prioritize human connection and creativity. As we move towards reinventing the Virtual Party, a few key strategies should be recognized by the brand and trained carefully to the salesforce.

The Best Virtual Party Practices

We've also included a BONUS top ten best practices for hosting a successful Virtual Party. By following these best practices and prioritizing authenticity and genuine interaction, you can create a memorable and impactful virtual party experience for your guests. 
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